Our Final Exhibition : New work by Jenny Wiener

JWAirline Drip

New Work by Jenny Wiener 6th -24th September 2014 Open this coming weekend 10 am to 6 pm both days 

We will have an informal leaving party on Saturday 20th from 6pm until we throw everyone out…..it will be of the bring a bottle, plastic cup variety of party.
Printroom , 98 Highgate Hill N6 5HE 07775 676185

Printroom in London is closing on the 24th September as it began with a stunning show of new work by Jenny Wiener.
Accompanied by a fully illustrated 48-page catalogue this is mature and accomplished exhibition by an artist who has had a rapid rise to critical acclaim.

Wiener has turned her passion for analysis and projects to both old favourites and new subjects.
Her close affinity with Cezanne has spawned the unique large scale ‘Blue Print’ a cool and consummate analysis of the 1896 Lac d’Annecy held at the Courtauld. Her continued exploration of James Whistler and his interest in music, have led to a whole group of new work, including the large scale Circle of Fifths, Whistler’s Fugue and the editioned Black and Silver Melody.

Another recent inspiration has been Jackson Pollock ‘Blue Poles’ and the ‘drip’. Here fine art meets the world of finance in different explorations of drip pricing, that invidious practice by which we are charged more on transactions, drip by drip whether it is airline seats or mobile phone contracts.

Whilst many of the new prints are unique pieces, a combination of drawing and screen-print Wiener has also returned to her digital practice with three arresting new works. Emerald City is a companion piece to the much admired ‘Yellow Brick Road’. It does for Map Quest what the Yellow Brick Road did for Excel as we grapple with Dorothy’s journey from Kansas back to Kansas via Munchkinland with diversions to Winkies Country and Quadling Country.

‘Due Diligence’ is even more eccentric, an ‘investigation of current practices and policies of the three bears’. It is a meditation on strategic decision-making, top-level illegal behaviour and risk assessment involving rigorous testing of seven brands of porridge, and systematic assessment of beds and chairs all carried out with Wiener’s startling combination of obsession and humour.

Capital Stack tackles the City of London with reference to ‘the Princess and the Pea’. It refers to an investment’s place in the “capital stack” the legal organization of all of the capital placed into a company or secured by an asset through investment or borrowing. Balancing the city against the pea, Wiener lets you know that your place in the capital stack can make all the difference between a complete loss and full recovery of your investment when things go wrong.

Wiener brings her fixated interest in subject matter together with humour and consummate image making skills to make this new show a startling and utterly absorbing experience.