Rebecca King

Printroom has shown Rebecca King’s work since her gradation from the MA in printmaking in Brighton in 2011.Her works combines traditional and highly experimental use of cutting edge techniques, she writes of her practice:

My practice focuses upon a futuristic and architectural desire to explore the issues of our social existence. Cultures are becoming increasingly intertwined within one another through the flexibility of the pathways of travel, Internet and life in our 21st century cities. It is a chaotic mix that has become our everyday. As we merge, uproot, settle and divide, we lose a sense of self, past, traditions and cultural identity. Yet, there are moments where we come together and the potentiality to engage with the wider world becomes enhanced by our engagement with others and in doing so, we reform a new world order of urban cosmopolitanism and collective consciousness.
My work has undertaken a continuously developing process of abstraction, but what has remained integral to the work is a desire to explore tensions of our global reality, particularly concentrating on the power of the individual on the collective. This is represented in the work in a flux of abstracted gestural marks and shapes, which individually have their own action. As the marks repeat themselves in a certain order, a rupture and emergence of a third space or phantasm can appear. Nevertheless, each mark is placed sporadically within a whirling patchwork of abstractions, where I am continuously trying to reinterpret what the image means within a fluctuating world of interchange.
I use a varied approach to Modern and traditional printmaking, such as silk screen, giclée printing and etching. Prints are then further deconstructed and collapsed with use of the laser cutter and hand detailing.