Marianne Ferm

I love the strong contrasts and tactile qualities inherent in etching and lithography. For me, printmaking is an extension of drawing, a fundamental means of expression, and I see a clear analogy between the processes I use and my subject matter.

My work is based on a series of journeys to distant places to study the natural environment and its wildlife. My most recent work is based on two specific locations : the most Southern coast of Africa at Hermanus and the landlocked northern rainforests of Laos.

Water is an important and re-occurring motif in my work. I am enthralled and excited by the energy and dynamism exhibited by its movement across the Earth’s surface. I like to depict waterscapes in a state of continual physical transformation, of stasis and flux, creating vivid juxtapositions of light and form, which reflect the rhythms and cycles of the natural world.

I hope to convey the essence of the experience by stripping away superfluous narrative and allowing an audience to attribute meaning and relevance based on their subjective memory and experience.