Louiz Kirkebjerg Nielsen

I was born in Roskilde in Denmark 1968 and was named Louiz (pronounced like Louise in English). My mother came from Liverpool in England and my father came from a village called Kirkebjerg. I was given this as a middle name. This place is a very significant spot in the world to me not only because I lived there but because my art practice today directly echoes from my experiences around there. Going on imaginary journeys in the forests, digging for Viking treasures in the ground, inventing stories, collecting, drawing, building and Lego!

“My pictures are like Lego bits and glimpses one journey, one page in a book, one day in a year they don’t say it all like going for a walk on a Wednesday afternoon they are a collection of moments caught when I was there things I found and put in my pocket places I noticed or chose to see when time stood still long enough and my camera remembered what I found like bricks in a wall I stick them together buildings rise on my paper places I haven’t seen before appear I have reached my destination the discovery ends here I consider them found and I am finished for the day. “

Prints by this artist