Jenny Smith

“a beautiful conflation of Japanese minimalism and western abstraction”  Neil Cameron The Scotsman

Jenny Smith is a contemporary artist living and working in Edinburgh. Her work invites us to question the definition of drawing, re-visiting modernist concepts from a contemporary digital perspective. She draws, using meditative, repetitive hand rendered processes. These are then developed into unique large scale drawings or limited edition prints using the digital medium of laser cutting and etching. This work investigates the relationship between process and concept, within the context of memory, place and time.

Jenny currently creates socially engaged, site-specific work, often derived from people’s hand written answers to a question, which are then laser cut into paper, or other materials, whilst maintaining the integrity of the original writing. This work explores writing as a form of drawing and often incorporates the use of social media and new technology within the process of collecting answers. Work is often commissioned on a large scale for specific spaces or created as signed, limited edition prints, framed for the domestic or corporate environment. Jenny also creates artist books and films. Her work is available for commission and exhibited and sold through a number of Galleries in the UK. Exhibiting nationally and internationally, Jenny has won numerous Awards and has work held in public and private collections, including acquisitions of her artist books by The Tate and National Galleries of Scotland. She was a recipient of a Scottish Arts Council Creative Research and Development Award and has been shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize.

Prints by this artist