Ian Chamberlain

Ian Chamberlain is a Bristol based artist whose work takes influence from manmade structures.Ian has a long standing fascination with technology and architectural forms. The work aims to reinterpret these manmade structures as monuments placed within the landscape. These structures in turn then become monuments of their time. The prints serve as a visual historical document and record.

The structures in studies are devoid of people and the architectural scale can no longer be based on the physical measurement of the human body. The specific  use of etching allows these layers to be seen bringing an emotive quality and response to the work. The etchings aims to become a visual experience of the subject of the subject being worked on and changed at each state. The states are different comments, a journey of recording the object.

Projects in the past have included Goonhilly Earth station, The Lovell Telescope, Cheshire  Maunsell sea forts in the Thames estuary and the Acoustic Sound Mirrors  on the south Kent coast.

Ian has exhibited nationally and internationally,he is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England, Bristol.


Prints by this artist