Hetty Haxworth

Hetty Haxworth is a printmaker living and working in rural Aberdeenshire. Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1993, she has been exhibiting nationally and internationally, with shows as far afield as Denmark, Australia and California.
Her abstract screen-prints are based on organic forms – the exploration of the lines and textures on rock and stone, simplifying the composition with colour as the principle element creating a rhythmic quality within each print. She works from the stunning Scottish landscape where she lives, making and writes of her working process:
‘I return to my studio each day and turn my memory of the composition into a collage or drawing and then eventually into a print.To capture the intensity of colour in my prints requires the over­laying of several flat tones to build up vibrancy. The journey is an uncertain one and I often find myself adjusting colours by overprinting extra tones to make the hues vibrate against each other. Usually, only at the end, when it is all printed, does the effect reveal itself. For me the simplicity of the work comes from a direct feeling, a response to a moment.’
Hetty’s work is widely collected and is held in many private and public collections, commissions include John Lewis and Rugs By Design

Prints by this artist