Adam Bridgland

Printroom has shown Adam’s work since he graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2006.
As Matthew Reeves, at the Courtauld Institute of the Arts writes:
Bridgland has used a range of materials and working methods to pursue an incisive and often witty exploration of distinctively British sentiments, showing the underlying sense of loss and nostalgia that permeates our memories. Vignettes of British back-packer’s holidays, old-fashioned bus-tours, and childhood seaside breaks that figure strongly in his visual repertoire are often tinged with this feeling of time having passed too quickly, our memories gradually fading. Twinned with this however, is an upbeat celebration of themes distilled from children’s colouring books, paint-by-numbers kits, old public transport posters and kitsch postcards, which he imbues with the kaleidoscopic richness of carefully chosen and thickly applied primary colours. 

Whether descriptive of change or constancy, Bridgland’s work keys into our desire to remember and relive, and plays upon our tendency to elevate our shared memories with the rose-tinted, wistful spectacles we don when thinking of the past, as well as the future.

An expert at his chosen medium of screen printing, Adam lives and works  in Cambridgeshire. Since his graduation in 2006, he has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally, his work is widely collected, particularly amongst those in the creative industries. Since his first major public art commission in 2009 Adam has since gone to complete significant projects, including  for YouTube, Heal’s, Airnimal bikes, SmartLIFE, Jacuzzi and Eastern Pavilions.

Prints by this artist