Dr John-Paul Stonard  – The CREATION ART TALKS
‘The Life and Afterlife of Art’

Weekly talks, two more to go, each one ‘stand alone’ continuing on May 22nd at 7 pm for 7.30 pm at the printroom studio
Author and Art Historian John Paul Stonard’s ‘CAT’ talks offer a captivating voyage through the history of art.

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student and low income tickets available

IMAGE: Cézanne, Les Grandes Baigneuses, 1898-1905.
Philadelphia Museum of Art.

In this talk we launch into the art of modern times, and the simple idea that art became a form of philosophy — a representation of the human mind, and the processes of seeing and thinking. We look at the origins of this revolution in the work of Paul Cézanne, and trace the story through the work of other major artists: Picasso, Matisse, and Mondrian. But what were the alternatives to this story of Modernism, and how has it been revised in the ‘Afterlife’ of modern art?

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The lectures will last an hour after which there will be Q and A and refreshments with cake and a bar!


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